Neopost IS280c Franking Machine Overview

The Neopost IS280c franking machine is the latest entry level postage machine manufactured by Neopost. It possesses a range of unique features and the IS280c is ideally designed to handle smaller volumes of mail. Find out more about the Neopost IS280c franking machine below in this blog overview.
Neopost IS280c Franking Machine

About The Neopost IS280c

Mailmark Technology

The latest Mailmark franking technology is a standard feature available in the Neopost IS280c. This means the IS280c uses the lowest postage rates available, will produce a 2D barcode impression and will help improve the professional image of your business.

Smart Meter Technology

The latest Smart Meter franking technology is also another standard feature available in the Neopost IS280c. This means the IS280c will frank mail in smart blue ink, will help your business reclaim paid VAT and will give you access to Royal Mail VAT applied products and services.

Feeding Method

A manual feeding system is used to frank mail with the IS280c. This allows the Neopost IS280c franking machine to frank mail at speeds reaching 20 letters per minute. Accurate franking impressions will always be produced but this is a slower way to frank.


Various company logos and/or slogans can be stored onto the IS280c franking machine so that you can frank these onto your mail items. This will help expand your business name and it will improve the visual professional image of the business.

Other Features

There are many other features also available with the Neopost IS280c Mailmark franking machine. This includes up to 10 departmental accounts, an integrated weighing scale, various job memories and PIN security.

Neopost IS280c Franking Ink

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How Can We Help

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