Frama Accessmail / Ecomail / Officemail Blue Ink Refill & Reset Service




Please be aware, this is a reset/refill service and not a product. As such this service requires you to return your EMPTY ink cartridge to us before we able to fulfill the service you have selected!

This is a refill service for your empty Frama Accessmail / Ecomail / Officemail ink cartridge. It is ideal for the Frama Accessmail, Ecomail and Officemail franking machine models. This product uses Royal Mail Approved smart blue franking ink.

To use this service simply send your empty ink cartridge to us and we will refill and reset them with our very own Royal Mail Approved franking ink.

  • Suitable for the Frama Accessmail / Ecomail / Officemail Franking Machine Models
  • Royal Mail Approved: Yes
  • Cartridge Type: Refilled & Reset to new settings
  • Franking Ink Colour: Blue
  • Ink Cartridge Life: Same as Frama published life, 1500 prints
  • Original Manufacturers Replacement Part Number / Product Code(s): 1003547
  • Original Manufacturers Advertised Price: £55.00 + Vat & Delivery (for 2)

Franking.Ink will guarantee this ink cartridge will give the same quality, life or quantity of prints as the original equipment manufacturers cartridge.

None of our re-manufactured or compatible Frama ink cartridges and labels are manufactured, affiliated or endorsed by the original equipment manufacturer Frama. Part and model Numbers are used for descriptive and reference purposes only.


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